Elektrokent Perpa 2013 – Vero News
13 FEBRUARY 2013
Elektrokent Perpa 2013 – Vero News

Bridgelux Introduces New Vero LED Series

Bridgelux company, of which Ilker Elektronik has an important place in the market with its experience in the LED sector for more than 40 years, added the VERO series to its product family.

The new VERO LED(BXRA-5) series provides flexibility, ease of use and energy efficiency in your applications. In addition to these features, it also supports smart sensor and wireless connection technologies that will be used in the future.

The flexibility of the VERO LED series is due to the luminous flux range it brings. It is possible to double the normal driving value with all C.O.B LEDs of the Vero series. This feature provides a wide range of luminous flux. It is possible to see the wide luminous flux range brought by the new series from the table below.