27 MAY 2022

İlker Elektronik, one of the pioneers of the LED lighting industry, continues to support its corporate stance with the support it gives to athletes. Aiming to support the society, our country and the athletes with the ecosystem it has created with its employees and business partnerships, the brand is also the main sponsor of Turkey’s only solo sailing athlete Başak Mireli’s Turkey Tour Record attempt.

Setting out with the awareness of the critical importance of sports in social development, İlker Elektronik sees the support it gives to sailing as an investment in both its brands and sports. İlker Aracikan, who is also a sailing lover, says, “Our focus is on the acceleration of the development of sailing in our country, especially the increase in the success of female athletes in sailing.”

The Sea is Freedom, Contemporary, Civilization.
Başak Mireli, who will set off from Hopa alone in June 2022, with the main sponsorship of İlker Elektronik to break the Turkey Sailing Tour Record, continues her preparations at full speed.
Drawing attention to the importance of completing the Solo Tour of Turkey by a female athlete, İlker Aracikan describes the Turkish Tour Record as “an important opportunity to promote the Turkish coastline and an organization that will give courage and strength to our sailors”.

We continue to be with female athletes.
Focusing on gender equality in the workplace and taking steps to increase women’s employment within the framework of its sustainability vision, the brand strengthens its goals with the support it provides to female athletes on the basis of equality.

Supporting women in sailing with this perspective, İlker Elektronik places particular emphasis on supporting the success of female athletes and ensuring gender equality in sports. Saying, ‘We must create resources for female athletes and ensure that our current athletes are role models for future generations’, İlker Aracikan said, ‘I hope the support we give to sailing and Başak Mireli will inspire our girls and young girls and will pave the way for the proliferation of women in our seas’. emphasizes.