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Technical Support

P10 Panel User Manual


P10 graphic display signs, LED display for ease of use. The program related to the P10 panel is the LED modules that give a good result. P10 graphic display signs belong to your operator.

HD Series Card User Manual


The HD series comes to the fore with videos like video and picture playback.You can easily display your company introduction videos, application videos, product images, dynamic background text files with LED panes, which are indispensable for dynamic advertising applications.

HD R3 User Manual


HD-R3 cards allow you to control panels without the need for a computer.
Dynamic panel applications do not require any connection such as USB, RS232 and Net-Port. By connecting the panels directly to the card, you can perform your operations from the remote control keyboard.

Kaler User Manual


P10 graphic display signs are sold in modules for convenience in preparing the LED display. They are LED modules that allow program loading with the help of P10 panel boards.
P10 graphic display signs of all kinds of advertisements and informations of your business fontunu, jpg and animated gif files can be used with rich animation options.

Multi Chip Thermal Cooler


When voltage is applied to the LEDs, a current flows through the semiconductor material.With the effect of this current, the heat comes on the LED .Since some of the applied power goes to the warmth here, the energy 0 can not be turned into a light.
The main purpose of COB LED applications is to transfer this heat out as much as possible.

Luminus COB Connection Points


Although Luminus COB LEDs have an easy structure for application, there are a few things to be aware of.
In this document, Luminus COB LEDs are templates for cooling and soldering applications.

LED Edit User Manuel


If the designs of the pixels are connected with a canonical (from right to left or from top to bottom), you can design automatically.
You can design the pixels this way easily and conveniently.

LED Player User Manual

LED Player, Listen series is a software used for programming single or double color control cards.